DIY Box Shelves Is Fantastic

DIY Box Shelves Is Fantastic for the Guest Bathroom

For a unique look that’s both functional and fashionable, consider DIY Box Shelves to your guest toilet. These are also a great idea for use in a powder room or laundry room area. They can be used to hang towels, clothing, books, magazines, decorative items, etc and can even be utilized as a tool chest with a drawer for stools and other things.

I utilized DIY box shelves with adhesive magnets for many years in my home, first in the guest toilet and today in my main living area. I really like them because they’re extremely customizable and that I will also paint them in various colors or simply make them natural woody white! The 1 thing I do have to be careful about when using them in a guest toilet isn’t to over stain the wood. The colour must be able to stand until the water stains out of the guests urine and perhaps the juice that’s splashed on them from the table during cocktail parties.

Should you stain your wood glue boxes, then they will not peel or get ruined by the soda and you will continue to have the ability to use them for years to come. In case you decide to go with paint, be sure to paint over the stain once it’s dried so that the wood adhesive will not peel up. Many DIY box shelves with shelves with adhesive magnets come with instructions on the best way to install them but if you are unsure, it may be a good idea to phone a pro to assist you get through the procedure.

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